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Monday, August 4, 2014


Husband has a GPS.
He named it Daniel because the voice he chose is English. (Makes perfect sense if you know Husband…)
We occasionally make fun of Daniel.
Okay, we make fun of him all the time.
Because he calls all of the venues that are ‘drives’; as in Madison Drive….Madison Doctor!
We laugh every time!
(I know, we’re twelve!)
He also has a way of pronouncing ‘boulevard’ that cracks us up too!
Our mistake is we make fun of him right to his face.
But he gets his revenge.
Every so often he takes us on a detour, just for the hell of it.
He waits until we are in an unfamiliar area, where we don’t know any better, then snakes us around in questionable neighborhoods totally ignoring the more direct route or the main roads.
One day when we were in St. Pete he had us turn into a rather seedy neighborhood.
Past yards with chained up pit bulls charging their fences as we passed.
We drove for several blocks before Daniel had us turn back onto the main drag.
There was no reason for the detour.
No road construction, no traffic jam, nothing!
As Daniel continued giving us directions I swear I could detect just a hint of a giggle in his voice! 


  1. I would take that as a warning.You had better be nice to Daniel from now on.Lol!

  2. Ha! Daniel sounds like a funny chap. ;)
    Our satnav is equally naughty, often sending us off in completely the wrong direction - presumably for her own amusement. :o

  3. We've got one that sends us up the pole!!! lol. Mainly it gets us to where we want, but it plays tricks on us too...so annoying. I love that you named yours Daniel....(it's Dan the Man) lol.

  4. My friend has a "Barbara" that she yells at on a regular basis for getting her lost! Mine is "Heather" and most of the time she gets me in the right place without too many detours!

    I think the secret is NOT to laugh at them. They KNOW...oh, yes...they know!

  5. I call my GPS 'Sweetie Pie' and always let her know how wonderful she is and how grateful I am for her. She's never steered me wrong!

  6. Sounds like he enjoys mischief.


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