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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Settle in for the next few weeks……my father’s scrapbook is filled with clippings…....
all about him! LOL

I have several theories about this:
          ·         The town was so small this really was ‘news’.
                  ·         The town was so small there wasn’t really anything else to fill the paper with.
                  ·         He had a great press agent.
      I think he came to believe he really was ‘all that’ (my grandmother had A LOT to do with this idea, he being the only son.)     

First prize for best conversation! (and recitation....he loved to hear himself talk! LOL)


  1. I believe you have your father's talents - I am sure you would win for great conversations and recitations as well! - and yeah I know all about small town news.....

  2. keep these coming! they are great.

    i lived in a small town for a while when i was growing up. eventually, everyone got their name in the paper at some point :)

  3. I agree with Kim. Now we see where you get it from.

  4. So you got it honestly. ☺


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