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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I Dreamed…………..

Last night I dreamed my mother called me from ‘heaven’ or wherever it is you go when you die.
She said, “Get up! You’re going to be late!”
I realized the call was something special and I started crying.  
I said, “Is it really you? Can we do this again” I miss you! Did you get to see Uncle Bill?”
(My uncle just died a few weeks ago.)
She said yes she saw her brother and no we can’t do this again.
Then I woke up.
And there were real tears running down my cheeks.
I wondered what it was I was going to be late for and looked at the clock…......it read 8:11…..........
my mother’s birthday.

*Sometimes I wonder if I should share these things. I imagine you think I’m weird enough without these little insights into my psyche……  LOL


  1. No, you're not weird.
    Hope you took some comfort from your dream xx

  2. what a sweet dream! that has happened to me before too. i love that i get to visit with old friends and relatives now and again. bittersweet visits for sure.

  3. I'm smiling for you. Savor the visit.

  4. I love it when my Mom, Dad and Sister come visit me in my dreams. I don't always wake up with a good feeling…but mostly. Sometimes, I immediately figure out what they're trying to tell me and other times, I'm clueless. I'm happy you had this time with your incredible mom.

  5. You are not weird but special. I've had these dreams too, usually a short time after someone close to me dies. It's like a parting gift as I can't quite be with them even in the dream but I can see they are happy where they've moved on to. These dreams are different than normal dreams. You actually feel different in them. I think they are real messages from our loved ones to us. Treasure it!

  6. You're not weird Robin. Cherish these moments. They are special when they happen.

  7. Well, how else could your mum speak to you. She knew you would listen whilst you dreamt.


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