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Friday, December 9, 2016

Busy Busy Busy

But not with artwork.
Confession:  I have dropped the ball with my online course ‘Y is for Yellow’. As a matter of fact I haven’t done a lesson in weeks. (Insert head hanging look of shame here.)
Nor have I worked on my series. I’ve kind of lost my enthusiasm for my face series and have been toying with a couple of different ideas…..not getting anything DONE with them, just thinking…..

My energy has all been going to the house remodel. Not that I’m getting much done there either…….
But, I did manage to do this little piece the other day.

It started out as a scrap piece of paper to test out the goodies in the monthly Art Snacks boxes. You know how it is. A new pen, marker, brush….you just have to grab a piece of paper and start making marks!
So there it sat on my easel.

Then suddenly I saw IT! 

‘A Yak and a half’


  1. Brilliant...obviously you needed time for the inspiration to come bouncing back, and it certainly has. Love this.

  2. They're perfectly WONderful! No worries re your creativity!!

  3. The muse strikes in mysterious ways

  4. oh, I know so well what you mean with all your energy going to the house remodeling.... Can't you download the lessons of your online workshop? I have been subscribing to some workshops too, but lucky for me, I can download them or they are available indefinitely. So I still have time :-)
    I do love your brightly coloured yak and a half :-) It shows your creativity is still very much present!

  5. Nice piece with great colors! We always need a bit of a rest or distraction to refill the well of inspiration. You're already dipping back in the art pool! And good luck with the house. A monumental creative endeavor for sure.

  6. I love it!. That's me too at the moment. Not getting anything done....just thinking.

  7. The muse will come when it is ready and not before. Glad it showed up as I love your Yak and a half!


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