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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

It Was a Charlie Brown Christmas

Sometimes, I’m sorry to say, I have a less than wholehearted approach to Christmas.
I didn’t even put up the tree this year.
Amid all the disorder of remodeling I just couldn’t be bothered (insert a ‘Bah Humbug’ anywhere you feel appropriate…..)

I felt kind of bad for the boys, but not bad enough to do anything about it.

Enter Son2.

He bought us THIS!

 SO……..it was our tree for this year (and don’t tell anybody but I’ve decided it’s going to be our official tree from now on!)
Of course I had to document it!


  1. Christmas can be such a roller coaster of emotions. So much preparation, cleaning, cooking, decorating. And the event is over in a flash. And your left with so much cleaning. And there's never anyone around for the cleaning up part. I love your little tree. And your illustration captured its essence perfectly.

  2. Oh noooo! I thought your little tree was just you showing your sense of humour. I couldn't be without my tree and decorations. They go up at the beginning of December.

  3. Normally I don't put up any decorations. It's the "putting them away" part that I hate the most!!

  4. I love your tree.... and would have loved to have it at my house, but it seems I am the only one here that thinks that way. So for now a big tree it is .... but one day I will change this tradition!


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