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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Pride Goeth Before a Fall

Husband is very handy around the house. There isn’t anything he can’t fix. He is very good at trouble shooting and figuring things out.
So when the kitchen sprang a leak I figured it would be fairly straight forward for him to find it.

I first noticed the water droplets dripping from the underside of the microwave and puddling in the salad bowl next to the stove.
The main bathroom is on the other side of that wall but there was no sign of water coming from any pipes in the wall.
Husband thought it must be coming from a leak in the roof and running down the soffit. But again there was no evidence of wet sheetrock.
Then I noticed the refrigerator was making an odd noise and I saw the stream of water shooting out from behind the fridge onto the side of the microwave and dripping into the salad bowl! The water line that supplies the icemaker/water dispenser had a pinhole leak!

Taa Daa! I had found it!
For all of his looking around, pulling out appliances, checking the walls for dampness and surmising it was coming from the roof…..I, little ‘ole ME had figured it out!
I was feeling quite smug about it!
I only mentioned my super human detecting abilities about a dozen times throughout that day (I was being modest you understand…or I would have brought it up much more! Lol)

But, as in every story of this sort…..’Pride goeth before a fall’.

The next day….the VERY next day mind you……as I was in the midst of my morning toilette…my hair dryer stopped working. At the time we were using the boy’s bathroom while remodeling the master bath. And because the electrical layout in this house is convoluted and inexplicable.....when you turn the power off in the master bathroom it also shuts it off in the other bathroom!  So I had to use two extension cords to plug it in around the corner.

I checked that it was still plugged into the extension cord. I checked that the dryer hadn’t popped its ground fault button on its plug. I even went out to the garage to check that I hadn’t popped the circuit breaker. 
All okay.

I sighed as I realized I was going to have to face the world looking like a grey haired version of Bozo the clown when I looked up and saw Husband, holding the end of the second extension cord,  grinning from ear to ear as he said, ‘First step in trouble shooting a problem is to look and see if the appliance is PLUGGED IN’!

Like I said, 'Pride goeth before a fall'……..

Monday, December 5, 2016

Punny Monday

What do you call the fear of getting stuck while sliding down a chimney?

Santa Claus-trophbia

Friday, December 2, 2016

Say ‘Cheese’

I typically use my phone to take pictures. No more carrying around a clumsy SLR. It’s easy and I always have it with me. PLUS my phone’s camera is voice activated, which I find very handy, not to mention entertaining.
And apparently so do others.
Case in point:
We were at the Edison/Ford Winter Estates for the annual Holiday Nights.
They go all out decorating the houses with period decorations including Christmas lights and I LOVE taking pictures.
With my phone it’s easy peasy….I just hold it up, say ‘cheese’ and it triggers the shutter.
Some of the other visitors were impressed. Some watched with interest….most didn’t even notice.
Or so I thought.
The boys found it amusing as I walked around the grounds repeatedly saying ‘cheese’.
I took it good naturedly as they teased me.
But the final indignity came as I held up my phone to snap a picture, and from behind me I heard a chorus of people shout ‘CHEESE!’

Actually it was hilarious! 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

SOME Assembly Required…..

Did I mention I moved my ‘office’ out of the master bedroom and into the studio?
Picture trying to get ten pounds of ‘stuff’ into a five pound bag and you’ll get the idea.
But, after a lot of purging and rearranging, and rearranging again……success! (I think…...I’ll let you know……..)

I gave things away, I threw things away, I put things out at the curb…..
Surprisingly, the things I thought would be snapped up right away weren’t (an antique knee hole desk) and the things that were broken or damaged (two old chairs) were taken lickety split!
Go figure….

I even treated myself to a new desk chair!
Best $60 I ever spent! (Day after Black Friday sale! Who Knew?)
It shipped to the house because they had no more at the store.
Some assembly required.

Husband is brilliant at these things and had it ready to go in just a few minutes. (Not that I couldn’t have done it myself but husbands like to feel needed, right? wink-wink, nudge-nudge….)

It’s padded  and comfy but the best thing is…….I can tilt back and dangle my feet off the floor.
This is a MUST for any desk chair, IMHO.
Just ask the sales clerk, who watched me try each and every chair in the store to find one that was ‘just right’!