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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


My father told stories. Wonderful, magical stories. But the more formal kind, the once upon a time kind, with beginnings, middles and ends.
My father’s morality tales were more the ‘hit you on the head with a mallet’ kind.

My mother told stories too. But hers were more memories. Snippets of her life. Those were the ones I liked best. (Not to take anything away from my father.)
My mother’s stories always had such warmth about them. And somehow were more pertinent to my life.
She told them in a way that was subtle yet you got the point and how it related to you. 
Not all of my mother’s stories were outright morality tales. But they somehow snuck in a life lesson anyway.

One story was about the time her mother told her never to ride on a running board.
(For those of you too young to know about running boards: they were the ledge on the side of the car that you used to step up into the seat. Think gangster movie….It was apparently a cool thing for the teens of her day to ride on them instead of in the car.)

One day her mother sent her on an errand.
On the way home some friends offered her a ride home. Since it was less than a block away she just jumped up on the running board, looped her arm through the window and they took off.
As they turned the corner she saw her mother outside talking to a neighbor.
She was so afraid her mother would see her riding on the running board  she jumped off before the car pulled up to the house.
But she lost her footing and went face down on the pavement and skidded right up to where her mother was standing. Shredding her brand new dress and most of the skin on her arms and legs in the process.
My Grandmother just reached down picked her up and very calmly said, "That’s why you don’t ride on running boards.”

(I always contended that it was Grandma’s fault. If she hadn’t scared my mother so much about being caught she wouldn’t have jumped off!) 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Momma Never Told Me There’d Be Days like This!

When I went to school there was no such thing as health class. What we got, and this was for the girls ONLY, was an hour long lecture from the school nurse about the ‘changes’ that were taking place in our bodies and what to expect when we started our (said in whispered tones) ‘periods’.
It was rather rudimentary, but I guess it covered the basics. (I do remember a very simple drawing of ovaries and related accoutrement.)
But it gave a heads up, so to speak, to those girls who hadn’t already had ‘the talk’ with their mothers.  

I was thinking about this the other day and I think I’ve come up with another one of my scathingly brilliant ideas!
I propose a similar class for baby boomers on what to expect as we age.
I suggest this because, to tell you the truth, some of the things that are presenting themselves to me lately are blindsiding me!
Momma never told me there’d be days like this!

Okay, so maybe not a class ‘per se’…….
How about public service announcements?

Instead of running all those drug commercials and scaring us to death about diseases we never knew existed, how about commercials that say something like “Forgot where you put your ______? [Fill in the blank with whatever item you most recently misplaced] Not to worry! As you age this is just a natural progression!” 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Wallpapering Savant

My father was a wallpapering savant.
He was an executive who hired out the menial jobs that needed doing around the house.
But when it came to wallpapering, this was a job he did himself.
Whether he liked doing it or just wouldn’t pay the ridiculous fees for someone else to do it I’ll never know.

He used to tell BigBrother and I, “Only small minds use small words!” but when he was papering I noticed he was the king of expletives! (I think that's where I learned my truck driver vocabulary!)

When he got done papering a room you couldn’t find a seam with a magnifying glass! And considering the repeat patterns my mother always chose that’s saying something.

When the room was done my mother took over.
With the leftover paper she would paper the switch plates, the wall sockets, the wastepaper basket and if there happened to be a desk in the room; the ink blotter, pen holder and any other accoutrement got covered too!

I would bring my friends over and challenge them to find the light switch!  

Friday, July 25, 2014

As Bad As Making You Watch Old Home Movies!

When I cleaned out my parent’s house I didn’t have the heart or the time (or the emotional fortitude) to go through all the papers and photographs.
So I tucked them away for later.
I’ve been going through them little by little over the years.
I usually get half way through a book or a box before I become overwhelmed and just shove them all back into the bowels of the closet.

But I came across my father’s scrapbook the other day.

It has cutouts from magazines pasted in the beginning pages, he must have been very young when he started it.
But it progresses as he ages into more interesting things.
Pictures and newspaper clippings of his exploits.
Who knew he was such a sensation in his little home town!

Anyway…. from time to time I think I might share some of the things I’ve found.

Sort of like saying to you, “Come on in! Sit down! Have a drink while I just loop up these old home movies I’m sure you’ll enjoy!” LOL

Thursday, July 24, 2014


She was a ‘private’ reservations clerk, which meant she handled the big wigs. 
Actors, actresses, captains of industry, politicians…….
She not only made their plane reservations but she coordinated all aspects of their trips…. garnering sought after theatre tickets, reservations at the best restaurants (she was friends with all the maitre d's) hotel accommodations, etc. 
She had connections! 

Her grateful clients would often thank her with gifts like stockings, perfume, and lingerie. 
A fact that didn’t sit well with my father at all! LOL

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


During WWII, while my father was in the service, my mother worked for TWA.
One of the perks of working for the airline was free airfare, which they used to full advantage before he was shipped overseas.
They would often hop a flight just to go to her favorite restaurant for dinner, 
Top of the Mark’ in San Francisco.
Did I mention they were living in New York City?

Who does that…….?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Friend's Art

My BF (blog friend) Pia Drent is a unique artist with a keen sense of humor in her art. 
I am lucky to own an original piece of hers and now I am the lucky recipient of a set of her whimsical cards! 
I was lusting for them as soon as she put them in her Etsy shop. 

It’s good to have such talented friends!!!!!