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Friday, August 16, 2019

I Used To Know Things

Not that I was a ‘know it all’ (at least I hope I didn’t come off as one) but I knew how and where to find things out. That and an ability to remember bits and pieces of useless information.

I can still remember those stupid little placards that teachers put above the blackboard with grammar rules written on them…..’WHEN TWO VOWELS GO WALKING, THE FIRST ONE DOES THE TALKING.’ Illustrated with two vowels, written in cursive, holding hands.

I was the ‘go to’ person in the office for grammar advice…..considering I barely squeaked by in English class I was always surprised by this, but I did my best (and looked up my answers just to be sure!)

It’s not that I’m that so smart; I just know how to look things up. I thank my parents for that. At the time I wasn’t so thankful….I used to get annoyed when they’d tell me to ‘Look it up!” Especially when it came to spelling (which, BTW, I still suck at!) How do you look up how to spell a word when YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO SPELL IT? My dictionary had a bazillion bookmarks for all the words I couldn’t spell! As a matter of fact, if you pick up my old grade school dictionary there is still a bookmark for SINCERELY!

Now we have GOOGLE.

Although I appreciate the instant gratification of Google I kind of miss perusing though the encyclopedia. I still remember looking something up but getting lost in the search and finding all sorts of interesting tidbits along the way.

I would invariably go to my parents and say, “Hey, did you know……” and tell them something I had read in volume “V” about venomous snakes while looking up Voltaire.

I was in a store the other day and someone was looking for a business online. She said, “What did we do before Google?” I replied, “It was called the Yellow Pages!” I got a few laughs but mostly blank stares from the younger people.

I lament the loss of immersing yourself in a mundane search through a reference book and finding little nuggets of gold that will stay locked in your brain forever. Giving you piles of fodder for conversations with total strangers while standing in line at the grocery store.......

I am rapidly becoming that weird old lady, dressed eccentrically with the oversized red frame glasses, that people warn their children to be wary of……….

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

I Like Big.......

........noses and I cannot lie!

Husband noted as he looked over my shoulder, "Wow! You sure do like big noses!"

Looking back, apparently I do. LOL

And now I can't get that damn song out of my head! 

Friday, August 9, 2019

Practice Makes.....

....a hot mess! LOL
I want to get better at stylized bodies. So I took one of my faces and printed it out on cartridge paper to fool around with and get some ideas.
For better or worse this is what I got....

Well, it's a beginning anyway. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

I'm Easily Amused

My new phone (don't ask) came with a fun time waster..... it takes selfies and turns them into your own personal emojis.

I should look so good! LOL 

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Believe it or Not…….


(My mother is looking down in awe! That I, her picky little eater, actually tried OCTOPUS!)

When we met up with the boys last Saturday we went to one of our favorite restaurants. Mostly for the view but they also have good food. And some interesting combination of things I would never think of. Their calamari with balsamic reduction and pickled banana peppers was delicious!

The waitress was extra nice and attentive (the fact that we were the only people in the place might have had something to do with that but I prefer to think it’s because we were such lovely patrons! …..snort)

After seeing how much we enjoyed the calamari appetizer (read:  scarfed it down like we hadn’t had a meal in weeks!) she brought us a complimentary plate of octopus (insert wide eyed emoticon here.)

It looked……just like a baby octopus lying on a plate with elaborate garnish surrounding it…..

And then Son2 cut it into bite sized pieces. I was expecting it to move but mercifully it didn’t. Three forks poised over the plate in the middle of the table and then each one poked a piece.

I waited….you know, just in case……in case they all either gagged and spit it out or dropped dead on the spot. But they didn’t. And then they went back for another piece.

I tentatively took my fork, stabbed a teeny tiny piece, sniffed it, decided I probably wouldn’t gag or die and ACTUALLY ATE IT.

I am here to report……it wasn’t bad. It tasted like pork but had the consistency of chicken. Not chewy or rubbery, it was actually pretty good. I even had a second taste, just to be sure.

But after that I had to stop. I couldn’t get past the poor little thing just lying there on the plate looking……despondent…….suckers turned up in resignation……

Tuesday, July 30, 2019


....good food, good company, perfect weather! 

One of my favorite places with my favorite people! Fins @ Venice Beach with my 'boys'! 
Paradise! :D