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Monday, April 30, 2012

Because I Could

That’s why!
Husband asked why I was making so many paper beads and what was I going to do with them when I finished making them!?
I had no idea! It was just very addicting! LOL
So, you see, I HAD to come up with SOMETHING to justify all that rolling!
I still have a bowlful of beads left. I’m thinking she should have some ‘babies’.
We’ll see…………..

Meet Chloe, at her first professional photo shoot:

Meet Chloe

(check out those shapely gams! LOL)

Getting comfortable with the camera

Striking a pose!

Saturday, April 28, 2012


First the apology (she says hanging her head in shame) but I forgot to bring my camera! (Sorry BigBrother!) 

On the other hand maybe it was a good thing because they had me set up in front of a wall of mirrors, and I wouldn’t have taken any pictures that would have had me in the reflection anyway! LOL

It was a WONDERFUL two hours! 
I met some fantastic and amazing people! 
Kind, warm and infinitely complimentary! 
Almost everyone stopped to ‘fondle’ the journals. Which is the point! It’s a touchy feely kind of thing! LOL 
And I sold several!

The best compliment was a woman who said “You can tell a happy person made these!”

That made my day! It really does make me happy to make them.  And I’m glad that comes through to the people who see them!





I wasn't so sure how the 'creature' covers would go over but the two women who bought them 'got it', so they went to good homes! (The orange monster one was my favorite. When you turn it over, the back cover has his rear view! LOL)


And I also gave a few away to deserving individuals:
This one went to one of the gracious Alliance employees. 

My ‘co-artist de jour’ was Susan Mills. Susan makes the most wonderful recycled coffee filter purses (and other upcycled products.) She was a high school art teacher for many years and now shows her work nationally and locally. Unfortunately at this time she has no web site I can steer you to. 

And this one went to Susan’s granddaughter Annie.
Who kindly gifted ME with this piece of original art! 
All in all it was a lovely day!

Friday, April 27, 2012

I’m Done

Oh boy am I done!
I’ve reached the point of ‘good enough’!
I’ve been hunched over various works tables for so long I ache in places I didn’t even know WERE places! LOL
But I’ve got 50+ journals in varying sizes and complexities so I think I’m ready.
(Thank goodness all I have to do tomorrow is sit and bind!)

Monday, April 23, 2012


In the interest of truth in advertising I am amending the
 WOW WOW WOW post from the other day.
It seems I misunderstood. 
The expensive ‘Blue Journal’ did not sell :(
It was two other (less expensive) ones.
I have mixed feelings…. Yay, I get to keep it; boo, it didn’t sell.


Such is life……..

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Did You Hear Me Squeal With Delight?

As I opened my mailbox and found this waiting for me?
I’m sure it was loud enough to be heard for continents! LOL

Jo from Gathering Wild posted about her garden series postcards. 
I (being the selfish person I am) commented and in commenting ‘suggested’ that she send me the middle one from the top row.


Isn't it beautiful?
What a pal!

There is nothing like mailbox love!


Thursday, April 19, 2012


I’m speechless!
Well, not really but listen to THIS!
I sold the infamous ‘Blue Journal’!

It was my favorite. The best one I ever made (IMHO). I put it in the Alliance gift shop but put a ridiculously high price on it. Because I didn’t really want to sell it. But Husband said ‘at what price would it be worthwhile for you to sell it?” So I came up with a price and SOMEONE BOUGHT IT!
I’m………….blown away!
This comes at just the right time as I’m trying to price the journals for the 28th and waffling between ‘oh, no one will pay that much for a bunch of cereal boxes!” and ‘these are one of a kind handmade journals!”
I’m sorry if I’m being immodest…..but YAY! I’m doing a happy dance!
Ain’t validation grand? 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Coming Down the Home Stretch!

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! 
I might be almost ready!
This is the sign I’m going to use on the table.

 I hope it will spark interest from across the room and draw people over.
 I used left over solid wall insulation that I cut into letters and decoupaged with tissue paper collected from various gifts, the tops of two Eclipse gum containers for the ‘C’s’,  a piece of wrapping paper tube for the ‘L’. The base is a piece of Styrofoam from some sort of electronic equipment we bought (I don’t remember what) decoupaged with brown paper that was also packaging. I left the two dowels unfinished to add to the 'trashy' look (I couldn't wait for the glue to dry to show you! LOL)  
What do you think, too over the top?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Checking In

As April 28th looms before me, here is what I have so far.
I’m getting closer……..or maybe just getting to ‘good enough’! LOL

Monday, April 9, 2012

Working Working Working

I’m up to my eyeballs, getting ready.
I’ve been asked by the Alliance for the Arts to set up a table with my ‘upcycled’ wares and to ‘demonstrate’ during a continental breakfast that is a kickoff to a studio tour around town on April 28th.

There will be two other artists. 

I’m flattered they asked me out of all the talented artists they represent.
(I don’t know who the other two artists are yet, but I will post more info and links when I find out.)

For now I’m off to raid the pantry for more cereal boxes! LOL

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Cat Box Barometer

Every day I have a routine. 
Part of that routine is to scoop the litter box.

I have come to view this activity as a barometer of how my day will progress.
If it’s a clean, easy scoop, it will be a good day. If it’s a difficult clean up then that is how the day will be.


All day.


It reminds me of when I was a kid. I would make deals with God.

“Please, God, if you let me pass the algebra test I promise to….(insert whatever arbitrary activity seems appropriate at the time.)”

I don’t really think of myself as a superstitious person, but I guess my inner thoughts contradict this.

Do you ever use random indicators to predict your day?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This month’s theme over at the Sketchbook Challenge is ‘OPEN’.
Open at Your Own Risk
It’s ‘open’ to interpretation! Get it? 
My father, the ‘pun king’, would be so proud! LOL

Sunday, April 1, 2012

2012 Phenomenon

For the past year or so, Husband and I have endeavored to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Eating better, getting more exercise, lots of fruits and veggies, that sort of thing.

And it has worked. We have both lost a nice chunk of weight, and
we feel better. More energetic and quite frankly, very smug! LOL

Because we were feeling so smug, Husband (who is the pillar of restraint, whereas I have absolutely NO willpower whatsoever) decided to bring home a treat for dessert last night.

He brought home Hagen Daaz ice cream.
Chocolate and vanilla. My absolute FAVORITE ice cream of all time!

We also happened to have bananas. Whoo hoo! Banana splits all around!
And in the big bowls!

The bananas were delicious, and the vanilla ice cream was good. But about the time I got around to the chocolate I turned to Husband and said, “I’m done now, it’s too sweet.”

He literally stopped eating, looked at me with wide eyes and said, “Who ARE you and what have you done with my wife?”

Before all this self-righteousness I would have sold my soul for chocolate Hagen Daaz! Now I would rather have some blueberries!

The Mayans were right!
It’s 2012 and the world HAS shifted on its axis! LOL