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Friday, August 27, 2010


Alas, rejected again. (just between you and me I didn’t really think this had much hope anyway.)
Apparently, neither did Stampington & Co. (Somerset Studio magazine) lol

Oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained. But I’ll keep trying!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Look what we found in the garden today……

All together now……….awwwww. Isn’t it cute?
An itty-bitty pineapple! (I put the quarter next to it so you’d get an idea of the diminutive size!) Anything and everything grows down here! Throw it into the garden and you’re guaranteed it will grow!

(When I think of all the times I tried to grow a pineapple in a pot up north and failed miserably, ha!)

We’ll have it for dessert tonight. It’s ripe and smells WONDERFUL. Probably only get a bite or two, but no matter. It’s from our very own garden! That will make it all the sweeter.

                                           Nature is utterly amazing!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

finally made a “light box”

I’ve always wanted a light box to photograph my ‘stuff’. But the price (for what they are) just seemed too ridiculous. What to do…..? Google it of course! (I love Google!)

Most of what I found seemed a bit too intensive for what I wanted, and then I found this tutorial http://www.studiolighting.net/homemade-light-box-for-product-photography/ and ran with it.

I used a presentation foam core board (the kind you use for science fairs) so I didn’t have to do all that taping. I added two pieces of poster board. One for a ‘floor’ and one to hide the seam where the foam core meets the ‘floor’. Just use some poster putty to tack it up (if you look closely you can see the shadow of the putty at the top of the poster board in three spots) tape the other end to the ‘floor’ piece, so it curves. I don’t need a top.

The shop lights were $6.08 apiece at Home Depot (I only used two because the house is very bright. I was only looking for a little added light to deal with the shadows)

I used GE Reveal bulbs. (But I’m thinking of trying the Daylight bulbs suggested in the tutorial.)

It’s easy to set up and break down and it’s easy to store, just slide it into a closet and clip the lights on a shelf.


Thank you, Studio Lighting.net!

And here are a few shots using the light box.