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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Muse Has Left The Building

Lately I've been feeling decidedly less than inspired. Just can’t seem get the creative juices flowing.
It happens….
So, the other night I spent the evening watching YouTube videos to see if that would jump start the ‘ole muse.

I came across Roben Marie Smith’s video of leveraging your art by cutting up several faces and putting them back together in different combinations.

Hmmm….I could do that. I have LOTS of faces to choose from! lol

Here’s what developed:

I’m still not satisfied with my background collaging skills but I do like how the faces turned out! 


  1. I would say your muse is back, Yay...Great collages, they look fun to do too :-)

  2. Oh, these are interesting!

    It's summer and also my muse has been gone forever, so it seems. But maybe my mind needs this rest, the spring was too hectic with the exhibition, it exhausted me more than I could guess.

  3. Your faces turned out great. I don't see anything wrong with your backgrounds

  4. Ooh don't mention backgrounds. Yours look fine to me and the faces are great. I love to watch Roben Marie Smith's videos.

  5. These are fabulous, whimsical and fun! Love them and a great way to kick start your creative mojo again!

    Hugs Giggles


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