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Friday, August 14, 2015

Train of Thought

Train of thought is a misnomer.
It suggests your thinking process runs like a train on a linear path. Nice and neat and tidy.

I don’t know about you but my thoughts are nothing like that. Not nice and tidy. Not linear. And definitely not direct.
A more accurate description would be a ‘pinball game of thought’.

Ideas bouncing back and forth, crossing paths, crashing into one another.

Here's an example:

Husband and I are sitting watching an old Kirk Douglas western. One of the characters calls another a ‘chicken livered’ coward. My mind picks up on the ‘chicken liver’ and off I go….

Hmmm, chicken liver. I like chopped chicken liver. There was a deli up north that used to make the BEST chopped liver every Friday. I used to get sandwiches for dinner and bring them home. Chopped liver on freshly baked onion rolls with new pickles on the side. Yum. (Mouth waters a little at the memory.)

I turn to Husband and ask, “Hey, what was the name of that deli in Halesite where we used to get the good chopped liver?”

He gives me the 'husband look'. (You know the one!)
“What in the world made you think of that?” he asks.

As I lead him down the path that is my ‘train of thought’ I notice he is still looking at me strangely and I begin to wonder if it’s me?

Nah, that couldn’t be it………..


  1. Yeah, I would have given you "the look" too. Liver? Ewwww

  2. Perhaps there was a subliminal message in there to make you go out and buy chopped chicken livers.

  3. Hey - my train of thought is similar to yours - it goes in crazy directions all of the time. I look at it as a good thing, as I am sure it makes us far more creative then if it went straight from point A to B. It is much more fun this way anyway... although I can't say I want to eat chopped liver.

  4. Nah. I can't say I want to eat liver in any form or fashion, but my mind trails a lot like yours.


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