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Friday, October 16, 2015

Balls Deep

As I was sitting in the Dr’s office waiting room the other day this was what was showing on the wall mounted TV:
The waiting room was packed and I was seated next to two ‘older’ ladies. They were commenting on the TV program:
“I don’t like the cartoons they have today.”
“Not like the cartoons of our day.”
“Ours were funnier.”
“The kids toady like them because they use naughty words!”

Two things struck me about this whole scenario:
First, two little old ladies using the word ‘naughty’ just seemed so perfect! (I couldn’t have scripted it better if I had written the dialog myself!  When was the last time you heard or used that word?)
Secondly, it dawned on me I’m now more in their age group than the generation the TV show is aimed at…….


I wonder how long it will be before the men in the little white coats come along to take away this grey haired lady sitting in the corner of the waiting room giggling to herself…….


  1. The white coats will have to take me too then! ;)

  2. having a "challenging" teenage daughter I find myself using the word quite frequently Robin!

  3. haha, I can just imagine that packed waitingroom and then that song from the cartoon :-D
    Where I lived in Australia the word "naughty" was used all the time by about everybody (including me....)

  4. Yeah…WHAT naughty words?!?


    PS…the video didn't have sound (mine seems to be working)


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