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Friday, October 23, 2015

Banana or Berry?

“Which would you rather have, banana or berry?”
“I like bananas. Let’s not ruin bananas for me. Berry please.”
And so goes the conversation (for the third time) with the nurse prior to the The Test.

As far as medical procedures go I prefer this one to many of the others that are out there. But still, drinking (and I use that term VERY loosely) this sludge is not easy.  Having to do it at six AM is just adding insult to injury!

As I sat in the waiting room, still chugging the second bottle waiting for the technician, the receptionist calls to me. She says “The cost of the scan will go towards your deductible and there is $189 balance due. Will that be cash or credit?”
“I already had this conversation with the billing department last Thursday. It’s been straightened out. I have a $20 co-pay, that’s it.”
She blinks, and repeats “Its $189, payable now.”

We go back and forth a bit and I finally lose it.

“I’m not paying $189!”
“Okay,” I said, “This can go one of two ways. You can take my $20 co-pay and we can get on with the scan or, we can get on with the scan, you bill the insurance company and I’ll pay the balance later.”

“Oh wait, there IS a third alternative. I can stick my finger down my throat right now and give back this delicious 'berry smoothie', go home and we’ll call it a day!”

I didn’t really say that last one, but I got a great deal of pleasure fantasizing about it!

(And for the record, I only paid the $20! So there!)


  1. Think if I had to drink a gastly concoction I would have resorted to telling her! Glad you won the 'debate' :-)

    Hope your procedure turned out good. :-)

  2. I was hoping option three ended on her desk or shoes :-D

  3. You go girl !! Hope the test went well!

  4. Girrrl. Good for Standing up for yourself. Doin OK?

  5. hooray for you!! this very thing happened to me earlier this year. such a scam they have going!!

  6. Way to go Robin! I need to follow your lead and not give in so easily . I am slipping this story in my memory bank in the hopes to remember it when needed. Hope the test went well


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