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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

File This Under……

Things about Growing Old Nobody Ever Tells You (AKA you’ve become the targeted demographic for totally different reasons.)

Cyberspace is full of advertisements….but lately they’ve been a bit……..disturbing.
Not only ads on my computer but phone solicitors are calling AND I’m getting snail mail too!

And they ALL have one thing in common.
They’re telling me my demise is imminent and I’d better prepare for it.
Or else.

Or else what?????
I’ll be DEAD!
What worries will I have after that? 

Don’t get me wrong, I totally believe in preparing for the inevitable. And I have. I’ve told all relevant people involved to put me in a cardboard box (don’t you DARE buy {or rent} an expensive coffin or I’ll come back and haunt you!)  Incinerate me and toss my ashes off a tall building on a windy day. (I’ve always wanted to travel!)

But I find it in extremely poor taste to be inundated with reminders that my time is limited on a daily basis!
Of course showing an (altered) photo of Son2 grinning as he supposedly dumps my ashes off a friend's balcony is the epitome of GOOD taste! lol


  1. I know how you feel but oh I do see the hilarious side of this photo!!!!!

  2. I love your sense of humour Robin and I agree with you. What is the point of paying out for an expensive coffin when it's going to get burned to a cinder. Although I quite fancy a wicker one only they're probably just as expensive.

  3. :-D And you should stipulate the container should be an upcycled cereal box. I love the reason for being scattered by the wind. Travel! :-D You slay me!

  4. this is great!! I've told my grandson that I'm leaving him money to take a road trip and leave some of my ashes in all 50 states! If I were richer, I'd leave enough for a trip around the world..but sadly...no. :)


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