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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Now I’ll Never Know…….

I saw a post on Facebook the other day showing the genetic possibilities of a couple conceiving a child together. Apparently I’m a hot mess of weak genes: left-handedness, straight blonde hair, fair skinned…... But what really struck me of all the visuals was this one:
Um, Mom? Is there something you forgot to tell me???
(Come to think of it there WAS that family joke about me being the milkman’s daughter…….lol)


  1. And there's me thinking that two brown eyed parents can't have a blue eyed child!

  2. Oh dear is her secret out after all these years. My teenage son is always showing me things on Facebook and I am forever telling him that if he believes half of it he'll believe anything.

  3. you are unique!! you can't help it :)

  4. Hey! I was called the milkman's kid. Maybe we're sisters!

  5. -hmmmmm…Hillary's done a study on this. Wonder if she'd agree with that there chart?


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