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Saturday, February 23, 2013


I finally got the courage to tell DESKTOP I am in love with TABLET.
He took it very well.
Didn’t even hold his breath until he went blue screen.
I know DESKTOP and I will always have something special, and it may just be a passing fancy with TABLET.
Or maybe we will all live in ménage à trois bliss, happily ever after……..


  1. At least Desktop went Blue and not Green! lol.
    Must say, you really have mastered these drawings on your Tablet, they are Brilliant!

  2. Wow! This drawing is so cool!

  3. YES... I love the drawing, and just tell tablet and desk top to get along, and you will be fine

  4. Well my desktop hardly gets used anymore but there are just some things they can do that my tablet at least, can't do.


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