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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Disaster Preparedness

What kind of twisted upbringing did I have that taught me the most important item to have in my pantry for disaster preparedness is toilette tissue!?
Not food or water but TP?

For some reason when I have a sufficient supply (read: enough for a platoon) of TP I feel secure and content.
If I start to run low I feel anxious.
No bread or milk in the house? No problem!  I can find other things to eat.
But run low on TP and I get panicky!

Perhaps it’s time for analysis.
(And what demented part of my brain needs me to chronicle it here?)


  1. And what part of my brain admits to the same affliction! When we see them 'on offer' it's like winning the lottery, yay 'let's go buy 1000 just in case' !!

  2. In order of need to prepare for disasters: flushing water, toilet paper, drinking water, chocolate, cookies, snacks, bread, milk...

  3. you're right. there is always SOMETHING to eat in the house. but to run out of TP would be a disaster!!

  4. So I'm not the only one who buys those super large packages of Scott TP. The reason I do this is......it's because.....heck, I don't know why! Probably because that's what my mother did.

  5. lol (in small letters which means I'm chuckling). We had 8 in our family when I was growing up and always had quite a supply...so I'm the same way. We always have Way more than enough TP on hand.


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