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Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Faces

It was a fun exercise. One face a day for the month of February.
Every evening Tablet and I would sit on the couch in front of TV and sketch a face.
Out of 28 faces, these are the ones I think are keepers.
I’m toying with the idea of making them into dolls, maybe…..possibly……someday…….

My mom (sort of, lol) is in there. Her younger self, as I choose to remember her. Can you tell which one she is? 


  1. Cool! Is the the beauty with the green eyes?

  2. Is your mum the one with the green eyes? Anyway, they are all really good Robin. I've got an App on ipad, and I struggle to draw a straight line!!!

  3. I think your mom is the one with glasses and a blue blouse. But...I was wondering about that blue eyed gal with the asymmetrical hair do. Hmmmm...love them all!

  4. I too was thinking the green eyed beauty or her friend beside her with the blue eyes...I hope you let us know.

  5. This is quite the cast of characters... Nice goin'! :)

  6. These are all great,Robin. I can imagine them as dolls. I think your MOm is the one with the big green eyes. I hope you don't leave us in suspension.


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