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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Great Day!

We live in a place that has some of the world’s best beaches but true to human nature we rarely go and spend time at any of them.

Until friends come to vacation and invite us to join them.

We sat on the beach enjoying nature.
The quite lapping of the waves on the sand.
The wonderful salty smell of the Gulf.
The cool damp breeze through our hair.
The warming rays of the sun on our skin.

Good friends, good conversation, beautiful surroundings!  
What more could you wish for?
It was a wonderful day.
Photo credit: Deanna Alexander Barra


  1. We dog walk on the beach, but like you, only stop and spend time down there when friends and family visit!!

  2. OMGoodness, how I love the beach. We used to go at least 3-4 times a month. We're BACK!!!

  3. As much as I like winter, I sure could use a good dose of the beach right now... how lovely!

  4. Sounds great to all of us in more wintry-climes!
    Glad you had such a nice day :)

  5. Oh yes - true. Very easy to take for granted what's basically on your doorstep ;)
    Good to hear you had a lovely day!
    (& is it just me, or was everyone waiting for a punchline, secretly, too? ;))

  6. Awesome that you had a lovely day! Like Yvonne, I was sort of waiting for a punchline. lol.


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