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Monday, February 18, 2013

I Think I Might Be Having an Affair

With my TABLET. 
(Ha! You thought something different didn’t you? Get your mind out of the gutter! LOL)

And my DESKTOP is getting suspicious!

DESKTOP accuses me of spending more time with TABLET than with him.
DESKTOP says I’ve been dressing better lately and says it must be for TABLET.
DESKTOP says I’m acting guilty.
DESKTOP says I’m becoming secretive and defensive about where I’ve been all day.
DESKTOP says I’ve been in unusually good spirits recently.

I keep telling DESKTOP, “TABLET and I are just good friends!”
(But in my heart of hearts I think DESKTOP might be right!)


  1. So long as you don't have cybersex you're able to look Desktop in the screen, so don't worry! lol. As for your time with Tablet, obviously this is very well spent, BRILLIANT drawing :)
    I guess when the Tablet drawings go wrong though and you throw it across the room in frustration, you can then say you have honestly had a fling!!!

  2. Love the drawing on the tab! But you know, I prefer the strong, silent type, like the desktop :)

  3. I love the Tablet, too. Just don't tell the Desktop or the Laptop, or the Phone

  4. lol! I like what everyone else said.

  5. ROFL...Ann's comment is hillarious and I couldn't have said it better. Including the brilliant drawing...of...is that your mom?


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