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Friday, February 22, 2013


Someday I will be a real artist.
Someday I will be satisfied with my work.
Someday I will have a one woman show.
Someday my art will hang on the walls of a gallery.
Someday I will have an ‘opening’ of my own.
Someday I will be recognized for the genius I am (I added that for comic relief!)
Someday I will have my art in multiple publications.
Someday I will write a deep and moving novel about my mother.
Someday I will have authored several children’s books.
Someday my style will be instantly recognizable as mine.
Someday my characters will be on all sorts of licensed items.


Hey, Mom always said if you reach for the stars you have a shot at the moon, so dream BIG!
Besides, they’re such lovely dreams, and they don’t cost anything.


  1. "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." - Les Brown

  2. Um, excusez moi, but you already are a real artist.

  3. your Someday List looks very much like mine!! Love your mom's quote, too. so true.

  4. Si Senora Artiste!!! Your ART IS already recognizable as uniquely YOU missy! The rest of the list...all stuff that you can make happen! Dream Big!!! Mom is right!!! Enough of the !!!! points.

  5. Continue to GO for it!! You're already on your way :)

  6. You have already meet some of your dreams Robin! You are a genius.... you are a REAL artist, and I recognize your style. Let me know when you write the books as I know already that I will want copies!! I love your stories, you are a wonderful writer. Keep on Dreaming and reaching for the stars... I know I will! (you would be surprised at how many items on your list are on my list)


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