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Friday, August 1, 2014

Funny Story………..

Husband noticed teeny, tiny ants in the house the other day.
Being the appointed ‘critter control authority’ he took out his trusty equipment and sprayed.
Here comes the funny part…..
For some inexplicable reason, the only place said ants deemed a safe zone was my desk.
They were using me like their own personal jungle gym.

As I was diligently trying to get some writing done (aka reading blogs and checking out Facebook) they were creeping up my arms, scrambling up my legs, tickling my neck……there was even one dancing on the rim of my glasses.
I was whacking at them like some deranged drug addict going through withdrawal.

The final straw was the one rappelling down my décolleté!

That was it!

So if there are no new posts here you know why!

I’m busy calling a professional.

Cuz I’m not going back to that desk until I know it’s been declared a Superfund site by the Environmental Protection Agency where no living thing can survive!


  1. Oh boy!! you've got me scratching here!!! (whilst falling on the floor laughing) ;)

  2. I'm torn between :-D and :-O though :-D wins out because of the décolleté remark. One word for you: Terminex. Well worth the money.

  3. oh, no!! hope you get rid of those critters soon. i had the same problem earlier this summer. i finally found where they were coming in so I put down lots of caulk around the window. no more ants!! good luck!

  4. Sounds awful, sorry for laughing you make it sound so funny. Hope those ants are soon gone I'll miss your witty stories.

  5. Suddenly, I am very itchy.


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