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Friday, August 8, 2014

Monsters Lived Under My Bed

BigBrother told me monsters lived under my bed.
He said they had long, stretchy arms that could reach across rooms, around corners and down stairs.
Ready to pull you down into the dark and terrifying monster underworld!
When he realized he had gone too far and I wouldn’t go to bed….. (and in order not to have me snitch to our mother) he told me they were afraid of rock and roll music.
So to keep them from coming out from under my bed I slept with my radio on.


  1. :-D I don't sleep with an arm or leg hanging off the side of the bed for just that reason.

  2. I wonder if your brother feels in any way sorry for the tales he told his little sister?

  3. rock and roll scares away the monsters? that's a new one!!

  4. Do you still sleep that way with one leg out? I do. :)


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