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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Road Trip!!!!!!!!!!!!

It all started with a new meteorologist on the news.
This new guy kept mentioning a town I never heard of before.
This intrigued me…..
We decided to go and see what it was all about.
Turns out there is no actual ‘town’ by that name.
Just a street.
But I’ve learned not to be surprised by anything here…….

So we just kept driving and splorin’………
Florida clouds are the BEST!
Husband and I have a fondness for what we call ‘fall-downs’. 
The juxtaposition of the rusted roof and the white picket fence just tickles me!  
 The city where we live used to be a mahogany forest. They cut ALL the trees long ago. We have palm trees.  ‘Real’ trees are few and far between so seeing trees dripping with sphagnum moss is a treat!  
 I wonder who lived here? Did they have kids? Were they happy? What did they do for a living....?
I expected Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings to step onto the porch! 
Then there is the flora. I would have loved to see it when the flowers were in bloom.


  1. Oh, I just love fall-downs, they are so much more interesting than all those great sight-seeing things.

    Florida's nature looks so exotic in my eyes!

  2. Love these pictures of your road trip - I have a liking for old barns and tumble downs too :-)

  3. A road trip is just what I need on this wet day

  4. great photos! i love those clouds! So dramatic.

  5. I love that you caught a little lizard on the flowering cactus plant. On the right hand side, he's headed down (a tiny guy). You always have the best pictures. Whether they are drawn, painted or photos.

  6. A good excuse for a day out.Looks like you had a lovely time.

  7. Great pix! So cool that you two went out for an adventure!

  8. The photos are great!! The tree is enormous up against that little house. Looks like a great drive.

  9. Oh I love your road trip! - I love the clouds the 'fall downs' the tree and the flora! Thanks for sharing your day!


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