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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Grandpa in his victory garden. One side was flowers and the other side was veggies. It took up almost the entire backyard. And the yard was HUGE! He could grow ANYthing. The agriculture gene died with him, though. I'm sorry to say I am an (unintentional) plant assassin like my mother. :(


  1. Just look at those tulips! You're not the only one with a black thumb.

  2. I can grow things…it's just that I find myself avoiding the work of gardening. When I do get out there, I love the results though. Your grandpa's garden looks lovely.

  3. I'm with you Robin. I have no luck with plants either.

  4. great photo, those tulips are beautiful. i've been trying to turn my back yard into a big flower garden over the past few years. it's so much work!!


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