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Friday, December 30, 2016

Are You Kidding Me?

I bought a new chair.
Just like 'the big red chair'.........but bigger.

It’s a sleeper chair (folds out to be a twin bed.)
I’ve been feeling guilty when the boys come home for a visit because only one of them has a bed to sleep in. So I bought the sleeper chair to put in the studio.

The store where I purchased it said they would call the day before to confirm the delivery.
They said they would let us know if it would be delivered in the morning or afternoon.
They said they’d also call half an hour before they arrived to verify.
They never called.

So we went to bed and set our alarm clocks for seven AM.
Time enough to wake up, shower, dress, have coffee.

At 6:50 AM the doorbell woke me up.
At least I think it was the doorbell…….
I stumbled to the front door and sure enough there stood a man wearing a headlamp strapped to his forehead and smiling!
“GOOD MORNING!” he boomed. “We have your furniture!”

It’s 6:50 AM! It’s still dark out!  Who starts their deliveries at this ungodly hour????

“Just let me slip into some clothes and turn on the lights” I mumbled.

They were in and out and I was back in bed before the alarm clocks ever made a sound!

I thought maybe I dreamed it except when I finally did get up the chair was there in all its beautiful red glory.

But seriously, 6:50 AM?????


  1. Ha Ha! Too funny.... probably not for you, but I am chuckling! It was after 9:30 AM before I made it out of bed this morning (and it wasn't even light out then!) Oh I am enjoying the holidays! But the chair looks great and I am sure it will be appreciated by the boys.
    You also made me smile today when something special arrived in the mail box. Thanks so much - I love it!

  2. I don't know what's worse. Having to answer the door in your PJ's or getting up at the crack of dawn and hanging around all day and they don't deliver till 8pm.

  3. Oh well, at least they arrived!!!!! We've been known to wait in all day and Nothing, zilch, nil, zero....you get the idea, it makes us soooo happy 😳

  4. :-D Thanks for starting my day with a chuckle. The chair looks great. And I'd rather have a delivery first thing in the morning than having to hang around all day waiting.

  5. the early bird gets the red chair ... remember that old saying? enjoy your new chair :)

  6. That's earlier than some I've had but anything before 8 a.m. seems too early to me! Bet your son will appreciate the bed though!

  7. Seriously! But, on the other hand, you didn't have to wait around all day!

  8. lol :-) Oh Robin, your little stories have brought me so much joy this year. I'd love to have them all printed in a little book that I can take and read whenever I feel down. You have such a wonderful way with words. Wishing you a year full of chuckles and creativity :-)


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