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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Floor Faces

As we wait for the new carpeting to be installed we’ve been living with bare concrete in the bedroom. I rather like concrete floors but not for the bedroom.
Anyway….as I walk around the room I’ve noticed interesting patterns in the concrete. 
And of course, being me, I see faces.

What else is new????? 

 I am never alone.....lol


  1. Please tell me you actually drew these on the floor. Who needs carpet?!

  2. Thank goodness this isn't just me who sees faces in the most obscure places! 😉

  3. :-D Is it something creatives do? I always find faces in doors and floors, too

  4. YES!!! Love your drawings on the floor! And, they will always be with you!!!

  5. Lovely!!. Sometimes I also see faces in differents places!!.

  6. i see faces on floors, too. people are always following me around!


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