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Friday, December 2, 2016

Say ‘Cheese’

I typically use my phone to take pictures. No more carrying around a clumsy SLR. It’s easy and I always have it with me. PLUS my phone’s camera is voice activated, which I find very handy, not to mention entertaining.
And apparently so do others.
Case in point:
We were at the Edison/Ford Winter Estates for the annual Holiday Nights.
They go all out decorating the houses with period decorations including Christmas lights and I LOVE taking pictures.
With my phone it’s easy peasy….I just hold it up, say ‘cheese’ and it triggers the shutter.
Some of the other visitors were impressed. Some watched with interest….most didn’t even notice.
Or so I thought.
The boys found it amusing as I walked around the grounds repeatedly saying ‘cheese’.
I took it good naturedly as they teased me.
But the final indignity came as I held up my phone to snap a picture, and from behind me I heard a chorus of people shout ‘CHEESE!’

Actually it was hilarious! 


  1. Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing!!. Wish you say cheese a lot of times.

  2. I can think of a whole list of inappropriate words you could have programmed your camera with, but I won't go there! ;) Great photos btw, and I would have cried with laughter over the chorus saying 'cheese'. 😂

  3. haha, that's certainly a unique way to entertain a crowd ;-) I didn't even know there are voice-activated camera's ....

  4. Very festive! Voice activated camera, very cool. So when the group shouted Cheese did your camera take a picture?

  5. LOL...nice pix! Sounds like you were with a good group of strangers there!

  6. Oh what fun! And lovely to hear about everyone's sense of humour! Great pictures... thanks for sharing


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