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Saturday, November 20, 2010

candyland and competition

i am totally uncompetitive (or so i think) and here’s why……

growing up i went through the usual game playing stages, a.k.a. ‘the candyland phase’

i was obsessed with it. played it every day (which also brings up the question, how did my parents ever let me live, but that’s another post entirely.)

i played mostly with my mother, because when i played with my father, he creamed me. i mean he killed me, decimated me, obliterated me.

i distinctly remember one game he had me in tears, (he was VERY competitive, which is probably why he was so successful.) and i remember my mother’s words to this day ‘oh, for Christ’s sake jack, let the kid win once in a while’.

and i remember thinking, ‘she LETS me win?” and then LIES about it? no, not possible.

but maybe, just maybe i wasn’t the greatest candyland player that ever was. maybe my mother WAS letting me win, hmmmm. intriguing thought.

and THAT”S why i’m not competitive, (or so i think.)

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