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Friday, January 7, 2011

embracing the pink

i hate pink. at least i thought i did.

i grew up the only girl child in the family, so naturally i was graced with pink, well, everything.

my room was pink, the carpet was pink, the bed was pink, my sheets were pink, i had a huge stuffed poodle that was pink, my clothes were pink.

did i mention my room was pink?

ah, my room. my room was wallpapered in a very busy pink floral pattern. and in her own ‘pre martha stewart’ way my mother coordinated everything in the room.

the bedspread matched the wallpaper, as did the dust ruffle, as did the curtains. she even wallpapered the chest of drawers, the switch plate and the waste paper basket.
did i exagerate?
after growing up in this pink nightmare let’s just say i rejected pink with a capital R.

for the longest time i got great satisfaction from stating that i hated pink. then one day a funny thing happened. i bought a bottle of fuchsia paint.

and i fell in love with pink!

i now embrace the pink. in the most tasteful way of course!

( we also bought a pink house, my poor husband!)

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