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Friday, September 11, 2015

Practice Makes Perfect

When my parents were first married they lived in the city where knowing how to drive wasn’t essential, but after they moved to the ‘burbs it became a necessity.

So they bought a car.

My mother thought the best way to learn how to drive was to just dive in and do it.
My father handed her the keys and told her to go practice in the driveway.

After a short time she went inside to tell my father she had a little ‘mishap’ while practicing.
She had been backing into the garage and hit the brick retaining wall crumpling the right rear fender.
Without even looking up from his newspaper my father said, “Keep trying, you obviously need more practice’.

The next day when the insurance adjuster came to access the damage he said he didn’t understand how she had dented BOTH fenders while backing into the garage.


  1. Double fender dent!!! your dad shouldn't have suggested your mum continue practicing lol.
    Love your drawing, it's so cute :-)

  2. Love the sketch - and your dad too! What a diamond :-)

  3. Practice makes perfect! Great sketch :-)

  4. Love your stories, love your drawings..... I think you should make them all into a book!


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