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Friday, December 15, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday

I Bumped Into An Old Love The Other Day…..

What have I done with my life, you ask.
Probably nothing you would think was earth shattering.

I met another wandering soul, who could see me like I thought you once did.
We have shared our lives and our love, both the good and the bad.
Mostly good.
We brought into this world two more loving souls and taught them well, I think.

I have tried to stay true to the ideals I thought you and I once shared.
I think I have mostly succeeded.

I have thought of you over the years and wondered.
What would it have been like if we had followed the dreams we wove together.

In looking back I know I have chosen well.

What have you done with yours?


  1. Your is a much nicer way of saying Pound sand, Idiot! :-D

  2. Yes, it's me, your clone from the courthouse, I finally figured out how to sign in.


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