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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

I Always Knew I was Going to Turn Into My Mother

I just didn’t realize it had already happened!

I was walking past a store the other day and I glanced into the window. I didn’t see what was on display in the window….….what I saw was the reflection of MY MOTHER staring back at me!

And NOT my mother in her heyday…….oh, nooooooo…...it was my children’s grandmother!

I guess it’s because I see my reflection on a daily basis that I don’t notice how much I’m aging but SHEESH…..to have it slap you in your face like that is startling to say the least!

Like the time my mother and aunt and I went out to dinner. As we entered the restaurant I needed to use the ladies room so she said they’d meet me in the bar. When I walked into the bar I looked around and all I saw were two little old white haired ladies. I started to walk away when it dawned on me those two little old ladies were my mother and aunt!!!

I was so used to seeing them on a daily basis, and thinking of them in their prime, I hadn’t noticed they had grown old.

And now it’s my turn…….lol.


  1. I know! The same happened to me a few years ago!
    No mirrors anymore, please :D

  2. Bummer! A few weeks ago I was looking through photos with daughter. Found one of me in my 20’s. Daughter looked at me and said “You haven’t worn very well have you”!!!! Obviously made my day 😤

  3. I don't know what's worse. Seeing your mother's reflection in the mirror, or hearing her words come out of your mouth. :-D

  4. Oh nooo. Don't say that. I'm going to avoid looking in shop windows now Lol!

  5. I can sooooooooo relate. It's a good thing...for both of us. :)


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