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Friday, December 7, 2018

My Mind is a Little Bit Warped

We have a phone that ‘announces’ who is calling. And if it’s not someone I know or a call that I’m expecting I just ignore it.

Most of the time it’s just BS and scammers. But they’re getting more creative with their numbers, and the announcements are quite intriguing.

“Not assigned’, “unlisted’, “out of area”…..who ARE these people? Sometimes it even says the IRS! (That one is quite funny actually; it’s a scam where they threaten to come arrest you if you don’t send them money. If I answer that one I tell them “Come right ahead! I’ll be waiting at the door with my loaded AK47!” I don’t know why but that’s when they hang up! LOL)

But I digress……

Today as I was trying to write something pithy for the blog the phone was unusually busy. And it was a lot of “out of areas”. As I was struggling to write something funny it kept coming out as a rant. Basically I was just pissing and moaning about the state of the world and how it’s going to hell in a hand basket. Not funny, not interesting, not the slightest bit entertaining.

And then I began to think, ‘out of area’, that could mean anything….way out of area…..like maybe it was my mother calling to tell me to quit your bitchin’! Now THAT would really be ‘out of area’!
It made me laugh and snapped me out of my mood….so maybe, in a way, it WAS my mother!

Thanks, mom!


  1. Glad your mom snapped you out of the bad mood. You can put a stop to some of the annoying calls you get, not from your mom, but from all the others. Sign your phone up online at Nomorobo.com Telemarketer, scam calls, are blocked. The phone may ring once, but that's it. Important auto-dial calls like doc appt. reminders, schools, town police will get through. It's free for landlines. The Eldest told me about it. It's been a blessing.

  2. I never answer our home phone any more unless the person leaves a message.😠


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