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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Any Which Way You Can

I'm trying to develop a character that will be recognizable as mine…..that I can use to tell stories or express an opinion. I suck at drawing bodies.....and profiles.....and three quarter views.....I usually just go straight to giving up but this time I'm trying…..and practicing.

I still suck at it but it doesn't hurt so much anymore when it turns out lousy. I guess that's progress in itself, right?  

And this time instead of listening to the voice in my head that says ‘You suck, you can’t do this…..’ I’ve started drowning out that voice with a voice of my own that says, ‘Yes, I CAN do this if I practice enough!’

When I was little I had two favorite dolls. One I named Robin Jr. because she looked just like me!  So, I'm basing my character (idealized) on her. I'm honing in on her head/face....I think I've got that part down (or not, lol)....now I just need to work on the profile....then I'll move on to the body.
Maybe I'll draw the body á la Picasso and be satisfied with that……. we’ll see……

But for now I’m just DOING IT!


  1. She looks so sweet, just like you!
    And oh yes, you can do anything you want to!

    My alter ego is Middle Morbid :D https://susupetalart.wordpress.com/category/keskiakainenmiddle-morbid/

  2. RJ looks great and I love the fact she's a Southpaw!

  3. She looks like she's taking it very seriously.🙂


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