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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

This is the Book.......

......I wish I had written.
Even before I have finished it I have had an epiphany...... 

I realize even the 'great artists' weren't always great. 
They had bad days, bad paintings/sketches/ideas...... 
They erased
They had dark days, they threw away bad paintings/writings.....
They questioned themselves.....
Their sketchbooks weren't full of wonderful things......

And now I realize this isn't even NEWS!!! 
Everyone comes to know this.....but in their own time. 

I have been lamenting of late that I keep seeing the same things over and over out there in 'the real world'. 
Nothing is new. 
And then I realized nothing is ever new. 
It's just that there is always a new generation and to them it IS new. 
I suppose I come to this realization a bit late.....and most of you have already figured it all out but I find it comforting. 
And in that comfort I find a new calmness. 

I didn't mean to go all touchy feely on you.....but I did want to recommend the book! 

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  1. I enjoyed his other books Steal Like an Artist. I think I'll check this book out, too.


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