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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

We’ve Been Busy

Which is why I haven’t been posting much lately……

We’re putting the final touches on the house, so we've been shopping. 

We ordered new shades for the sliders
Preparing for the shades that will be installed some time this week......

 A new fridge for the lanai, new lanai furniture, re-planted the horse troughs with pretty PINK hibiscus...... 
Got a small tabletop ‘fire pit’…….

I’m drowning in debt but gosh it’s going to look nice!

I will post pictures as the items are delivered. Or maybe I’ll just wait for the BIG REVEAL!

In the meantime I’ll just be sitting here, paying for things that haven’t been delivered yet, waiting impatiently…..


  1. Indeed, it looks so nice, just beautiful!

  2. It's gonna look like a resort! Want some company? 😉

  3. It's looking absolutely gorgeous. You have a lovely home.😍


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