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Friday, December 6, 2019

We Also Put Up The Christmas Tree

While the boys were here we put up the Christmas tree. 
We don't usually put it up this early but they were here and I wanted the help.......lol.

 Over the years we've added things. 

Last year Husband indicated he thought the tree should have some tinsel. 
(Icicles to normal people, {we argue about the name every year!})
He said it should have ONE piece and we'd call it 'tinse'. 
I went overboard and added seven!
Of course it has to have the star I made out of cardboard and aluminum foil for our first Christmas together. 

And this year we added LIGHTS! 

Now it's even more perfect!


  1. Oh yessss! A tree has to have lights. NOW it is perfect.

  2. I 😻it though "I never thought it was a bad, little tree". Like your DH, I know the silver stuff as tinsel. We don't use it as it always causes and argument. Glad you had help putting up the tree. I'd rather have help taking it down and putting all the decorations away.


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