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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Sometimes I Miss Being A ‘Mommy’

Ah, but you still are I hear you say. No, I’m not…..I’m a ‘mom’ not a ‘mommy’.

There’s a difference.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my adult kids! I love being able to talk to them on an equal level. To make inappropriate jokes and talk about deep, albeit sometimes, ridiculous ideas.

But I miss some of the things that came with being a ‘mommy’. Even when it was a pain in the ass. 

Juggling all the things that had to be done. Feeling frazzled with a full time job, doing chores and errands, keeping up with the housework, making sure the husband didn’t feel neglected, caring for parents with medical issues.

Sometimes, just when I thought I couldn’t do it for another minute, one of the boys would take a running leap into my arms from across the room and strangle me with a bear hug that would literally knock me off my feet.

My heart would swell to three times its size! (just like the Grinch!)

And THAT was when I knew it was worth all of it. The exhaustion, the missed dates with Husband, the dust on the furniture, the toys scattered from the front door to the back…..ALL of it.

And sometimes I miss it.

(Trying out different styles of illustration....don't think I like this style....)


  1. I share that feeling, although at the same time I feel relieved that those days are over.
    Love stays, and hugs <3

  2. I wish someone would tell you when the last would be. The last time they wanted you to read a story, play a game, have a cuddle. I don’t really miss the days of being tired, frazzled, and endless school projects. I love your illustration.


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