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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Suit Up!

So I get to my destination, pull into the parking lot, gather my purse and keys ready to get out of the car and then…….put on my mask.

It makes me giggle each and every time. I feel foolish because it makes me feel like a seven year old playing cops and robbers.

I don’t think anyone else wearing a mask looks foolish. I don’t giggle at them but for some inexplicable reason I feel like an idiot.

And I have this overwhelming urge to say “Stick ‘em up!” as I walk into the store……..although, I’m pretty sure no one else would find it amusing………


  1. You look really smart :D

    I agree, other people might not find your line amusing, stick them up :D

    We don't have to wear masks here in Finland.

  2. I wear different colored bandanas. So when I go to the post office, my thought is: Give me all your stamps! No, just the pretty ones! No flags or fish hooks!

  3. I can't read labels at the supermarket without wearing my glasses. When I wear a mask, my glasses fog up:( What to do...


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