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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Silver Lining to Covid-19

Because there’s always a silver lining, right?

I went to the library thinking that a few engaging books might be a good idea to take my mind off these troubling times.

As I stood at the kiosk to check them out I entered my PIN number and…..ERROR. PIN number invalid. Ooops, I must have entered it incorrectly. So I key it in again…….ERROR, PIN number invalid.

Hmmmmm, I hesitate for a moment, thinking………then enter it again. ERROR!

My PIN number for my library card is and has been, for the last eighteen years, the last four numbers of my phone number.

Now I’m just a little bit concerned that maybe I’m wrong. Is it the last four digits of my phone number? YES! It is! I’m sure. But……am I?

And as I stand there I find myself flooded with emotions…..wondering if I’m losing my mind…….am I sinking into forgetfulness……did I really just forget my own phone number? And I’m getting angry with an inanimate object that is making me second guess myself.

I’m confused and angry and just a little bit scared. And then I’m angry that I’m confused and scared!

The next thing I know there are tears running down my cheeks!

And a WHOLE NEW set of emotions flood over me!

Am I REALLY standing in the library in public CRYING over not being able to check out two books?

I am mortified that someone will see what’s happening and then I realize……I’m wearing sunglasses and the face mask I’m wearing is soaking up the tears before they run out from beneath my glasses.

So there you have it. The silver lining to Covid-19 is that no one will see that you’re crying if you wear a face mask in public. And sunglasses, of course. LOL


  1. Oh, poor you, what a terrible situation. So good that you wore that disguise!!

    Our Covid-situation in Finland is now quite good, only a few contagions per day and no people in intensive care. It's not obligatory to wear masks here, hasn't been during all the time.
    Restaurants, libraries and places like that opened at the beginning of June and at the same time number of contagions have gone down and down.

  2. Poor you! Were you able to check out your books?


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