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Friday, February 1, 2013

LOOK, I'm in Print!

I may not be IN the magazine, but I’m getting closer!
(What? It counts!!) LOL

This is my newest favorite magazine! And not because I have an ‘inchie’ on the back cover!
(They even got my name right, all lower case letters, the way I sign myself!)
I thought I wrote about it before but I can’t find the post.

So if I’m repeating myself, forgive me.

It’s a new magazine called ‘Featuring’ based in the Netherlands and it’s sooooooo yummy!
Not your usual artsy fartsy (read: snobbish) magazine and not the run of the mill ‘crafty’ magazine.
Wonderful articles, luscious photography and no advertising!

This is the third issue and I highly recommend that you go here and order all three! Right now!
(I am a non paid enthusiast just trying to spread the word because I don’t want to see it go away!)

Postscript: I just found out that you can pay $10 to have your art featured on the Inchie page. For truth in reporting I just want to say I didn’t pay, I was ‘invited” by the amazing and generous editor Marit Barentsen!


  1. Yay! That is so brilliant, to be part of a magazine. I'm going to take a look at the link.

  2. Hey! Congrats to you and Yah for the Netherlands! ;)
    No cheers for me because i had not heard o lf this cool initiative.

  3. Wahoo!! Way to go robin (all lower case) I love your inchie... and I am off to check out the magazine.


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