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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

One Hundred Words About Nuts

“You paid HOW much for a container of nuts?”
“Thirty dollars and thirty six cents. But it was for TWO containers!”
“Oh, well, for TWO containers….that makes it okay then.”
“I KNOW! I was stunned too. But by the time she rang them up and told me the total there was someone behind me in line and I was just so stunned all I could do was hand her my debit card.” 

We drove home in silence, each of us lost in our own bewildered thoughts regarding the price of things in the world today.


  1. I paid over $18 for walnuts at Costco recently. It's shocking!

  2. So based on Timaree's purchase, yours was a bargain Robin! lol :-)

  3. Jiminy Christmas! Savor each and every one!

  4. egads!! are they trimmed in gold or something??

  5. Good grief!! THAT'S NUTS!!!


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