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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Throwback Thursday

There are only one or two pictures of my Great Grandfather.
He went out for a paper one evening and never returned.
The romantic in me wants to think he went west to become a miner and find his fortune….or lead a life robbing banks as a desperado, or maybe a gentleman gambler with ruffled shirts and fancy ivory handled guns.
I mean, with a mustache like that, how could he NOT?


  1. he looks an absolute cad and a bounder!!

  2. He would've made a great riverboat gambler.

  3. yes, he does look rather daring! with that mustache he could be about anyone he chooses to be!

  4. He looks every bit the gentleman gambler to me.

  5. No!,.....wonder what did happen to him. I like your theories.


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