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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Husband Brings Me Flowers

I'm sensitive to flowers. 
They make me sneeze. 
It really cuts down on Husband's options when it comes to being romantic, but he finds ways to compensate. 
He plucked this for me the other day. 
Just a weed from our lawn. 
But Isn't it pretty? 
It looks like a miniature orchid. 
Aw, for me?
Thank you! 


  1. A weed???......... A weed????......... I's this Punny Monday cos it must be one of your jokes. It looks like an orchid to me. I guess that's what weeds look like in sunny Florida.

  2. that's the prettiest weed i've ever seen!!

  3. That's very sweet. Points for the hubster. Wish my weeds looked that good


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