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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Waiting For the Other Shoe to Drop

The house is clean
The chores are all done
The bills are paid
The wash has been run
The refrigerator is full
The pantry is stocked
Call me pragmatic
But I am quite shocked!

This never happens
Not at the same time
And that’s why I’m sitting here
Searching for rhymes!


  1. You are organised...wish I was, lol.

  2. Don't believe this...you're telling fairy tales :D

  3. Come to my house. All is not done. You can clean and organize, While I have the fun.

  4. When you finish at CJs…come see me!

  5. It's a great feeling to be on top of things.

  6. There once was a woman who's Pink
    House Studio was so full of ink
    She used it to draw
    And doodle and what's more
    It created one heck of a stink

    I'll get my coat.....


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