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Friday, April 10, 2015

What I'm Reading

Sometimes insomnia and Amazon's '1-click' buying option CAN be a good thing.....
There's no such thing as too many books! 


  1. It is so easy to click and buy from Amazon. Receiving artsy books through the post is one of my favourite things. And the packaging is ideal to use as a substrate for my mixed media paintings. Best of both worlds.

  2. how funny! i just purchased a book with 1-click.
    an amazing, dangerous thing that 1-click is!

  3. Let's all go to Robin's house for a read up!

  4. I set an impossible to remember (without looking it up) password for Amazon otherwise I'd be constantly buying stuff.

    Having to look up the password and type it in means I'm less inclined to impulse purchases!!


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