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Friday, September 23, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday

Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Smith never said a bad word to or about anyone. EVER. It amazed me how she could say nothing. I was more the ‘gum ball’ type. MY thoughts rolled off my tongue before they were fully formed in my mind. (But that’s another story for another time.)
I asked her once why she never had a response to what I thought were some very harsh and unkind words said to her. She just smiled and with a twinkle in her eye said, “Oh, don’t you worry. I have letters I’m leaving to be delivered after I’m gone!”

For weeks after she died I was quite nervous to go to my mailbox…… as far as I know no one got a letter, at least not the ones I thought deserved them.


  1. You paint a lovely picture of Mrs Smith. However now I'm left wondering what the poor lady endured.

  2. hihi ... I LOVE your little stories, you tell them so well!

  3. What a great way to get the last word!

  4. hmmm....what a great idea...saving harsh words until later! it would make it harder for them to have a comeback!


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