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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Throwback Thusday

AMENDED 9/8/2016 10:29 A.M. EDT
Oooopsie! Double post from last Thursday....my bad. 
I would fix it but.......
1. I've scheduled a months worth of Throwback Thursday's already and it would mess up the order from the original, which would then mess up the order when I have it printed....so.....just ignore that man behind the curtain and go about your daily business!
2. I'm too lazy. 
(mostly I'm too lazy.....carry on......)


  1. Wasn't this last week's entry? (-;

  2. Robin's checking to see if we're paying attention CJ ;)

  3. I think I must have missed last week's it's a first for me.

  4. LOL...I didn't think I'd seen it before.

  5. i had a deja vu experience just now!! If you hadn't added the amendment, I would have just written it off to my mind playing tricks on me! that happens a lot.


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