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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Domino Effect of Home Renovation

Aka: One thing leads to another….
Things never go as planned…..
Or, holy crap this place is a mess!

We’re still working on the master bathroom. 
It’s just Husband doing the work and he’s no spring chicken anymore so it takes a while. I’m fine with that. Besides, sometimes he has to wait for me to make the design decisions…… (It took me almost two weeks to decide on which gray I wanted for the paint color!!!!)

But it’s progressing!  YAY!

Just not necessarily in the way we planned.

We decided to tile the entire house. Well, all except the bedrooms, we’re not animals!!! 
And we thought, for traffic pattern issues, it would be a good idea to tile from the hallway into our bedroom and around the corner to the bathroom.

All was going well, steps planned and executed in a timely fashion.
Here, I must interject to tell you that Husband is……organized. I mean in the ‘we’re going to do this, then this, then this’ kind of way.
So as we were pulling up the carpet in the bedroom to get ready for the tiling extravaganza to come he popped up a tile from the hallway by accident.

I mean it POPPED up! Easy peasy! In a way that had us looking at each other and wondering what had been holding it down for all these years.
We had already planned to rent the HUGE JACKHAMMER-Y MACHINE that would chip up all the tile in the house. It would be worth the cost in the long run by saving time and aching backs.
But if they came off this easily……

So, he gingerly slid his screwdriver under the next tile…..and POP! And POP, and POP and POP.
Before he knew it he was halfway down the hallway!

Now we have a lovely half finished, non functioning bathroom, and a hallway that looks like this…...

But it’s going to look AMAZING when it’s done.
In the near future ……..


Sooner or later …………?


  1. Humor is what keeps divorce out of a renovation project I've heard lol.

  2. Nice colour floor, is this the gray you were after?! Lol ;)

  3. It will look fabulous when it's done. What does the new tile look like?

  4. What a big job. Good thing they came up so easy. I am looking forward to seeing it when the new tiles are laid.

  5. I love how laid back you are about your (hubby's) projects! We recently painted the back of the house...and it's definitely the wrong color. Decision made in less than an hour...and I knew what I wanted!

  6. you are so lucky to have a handy man in the family! i'm a bit jealous! can't wait to see the results.

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